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WooEssentials is a value packed plugin that combines WooCommerce's best premium plugins features into one, no coding required. An amazing value for anyone who runs an e-commerce store.

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Easy To Configure

Super easy to setup with a logical and user friendly interface.

Feature Rich

Includes some of the most sought after functions missing from woocommerce.

Highly Compatible

"Native First" coding ensures compatibility with many themes and plugins.


PDF Invoices & Slips

By default woocommerce does not support PDF invoices. This can quite annoying for growing business and store management.

With the PDF Invoices addon you can print PDF slips to automate and improve order picking. Generate and print PFD invoices for easy finance management and documentation.

  • Custom Invoice Naming
  • Add Your Company Logo
  • Color branding

Abandoned Carts

No longer miss out on sales because of forgotten carts or distracted vistors. Boost sales and conversion with woocommerce essentials abandoned carts. This addon allows you to view and manage abandoned vistors shopping carts and automate e-mails.

  • View abandoned carts
  • Manage abandoned carts
  • Automatically send e-mail reminders and adjust frequency
  • Automate removal of old carts

Take Control Of Your Store

WooCommerce Essentials makes it easy to take better control of your store with the Extended Checkout and Extende Store addons for optimum conversion and automation.


Show Variations

Show products and their variations throughout your entire store as individual products.

Direct Checkout

Allow visitors to checkout faster by going directly past the shopping cart page.

Minimum Purchase

Restrict purchases in your woocommerce store to a minimum amount.

Gateway Minimum

Limit which payment gateways and options are available to a buyer based on their cart's total.

Coupons & Discounts

The Coupons & Discounts addons makes it easy create and automate the creation of coupons and discount.

URL Coupons

Create coupons that work by URL. Share the url via email, social media or text to automatically apply the given coupon.

Personal Coupons

Easily create one-time personal coupons for frequent buyers or to hopefully score new shoppers.


Automatic Discounts

Dynamically add special discounts based on the total values of a user's cart.

Product Generated Discounts

Creater your own personal automatic discunts for carts based on any product the user adds.

Why Get WooCommerce Essentials?

A complete set of addons in a single plugin to help make your store more professional and give you an edge on the sales market.

Easy to Set Up and Use

The WooCommerce Essentials plugin is easy to install, configure, and get running. If you need any support setting up any of it's features, we have a complete online support and guide.


We understand that support is important. Not only do we provide an excellent plugin but we make sure that our support is just as good.


We are constantly working on improving the Woocommerce Essentials plugin and in return keeping our users happy. To assure this, we update the plugin regularly to make sure it's always compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

No Coding Required

Keep in mid. You are a store owner not a developer and setting things up should be simple and easy. With our plugin, there is no need to know any coding or editing. Just set whatever you like and that's it!

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The WooCommerce Essentials plugin comes with a host of premium and feature critical addons that can be enabled or disabled to fine tune your store's exact needs.


Abandoned Carts

Manage and automatate taks for shopping carts that have been abandoned by a vistor.


Address Validation

Eleminate the issuses that arrive with incorrect addresses by address lookup (Free for NL).


Back In Stock Notifier

Product out of stock? Allow visitors to subscribe and get notified on stock updates.


Better Sale Badges

No more stock or ugly sale badges. Customize the layout and look of your sale and discount badges.


Coupons & Discounts

Add a touch of extra benefits for shoppers. Create personal and url based coupons & discounts.


Email Suggestions

NDrastically lower the chance of incorrect email address which can be time consuming and troublesome.


Extended Checkout

Customize your checkout with customizable cart, payment gateways and amount limits.


Extended Store

Show product variations as individual products and/or add a handy direct checkout button.


PDF Invoices

Automatically or manually create professional PDF invoices and packaging slips for all orders placed in your store.


Product Quick View

Making shopping faster. Easily view a product's price and information without having to go it's specific page.


Product Wish List

Allow visitors to create their own unique shareable wish list with social media integration for easy list sharing.


Store Hourse

Set up your store's opening and closing hours. Create vacation periods with an handy customizable notification pop-up.

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