Abandoned Carts

Easily manage all your store's abandoned carts. With the typical shopping cart abandonment rates as high as 70% this add for WooCommerce Essentials helps you to recover those carts quite effortlessly.


Smart & Automated

It allows you to create automatic & custom time-based e-mail reminders to be sent to your potential customers who added products to their cart but did not complete the order. With cart recovery, you can gain up to 40% more sales.

Key Features

Experience what you have been missing with WooCommerce abandoned carts. Simple to setup with easy integration.

Enable E-mails

Just need to see the carts? Enable or disable e-mails sending automated e-mails to visitors.

E-mail Frequency

Adjust the period on which e-mails are sent to visitors with abandoned carts.

E-mail Reminders

Sometimes one e-mail is not enough. Send any visitor a reminder that their products are waiting after the initial e-mail.

Max Age

No more cluttering. Automatically delete old entries to keep your database clean and optimized.

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