Product Wish List

The Product Wish List addon for WooCommerce allows visitors to add products to a wish list and displays the list of products on any page with a custom shortcode.


Increase Sale Statistics

A product wish list is one of the most effective momdern marketing tools. Don't miss out on hundreds of recurring, holiday and birthday purchases due to the lack of a wish list.

Key Features

One of the most modern and advanced sales and marketing methods to improve recurring and future purchases. This is why a wish list is essential to online stores.

Easy Branding

Choose the colors that match your theme and branding.

Shortcode Support

Place your wishlist on any wordpress page by using the built-in shortcode.

Social Sharing

Easily share your list with friends and followers with the help of mutliple social media share buttons.

For Anyone

The WooCommerce Essentials product wishlist addon can be use with both guests and registered customers.

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