Back In Stock Notifier

Allow potential buyers to subscribe to a product when it's out of stock and receive a notification when it's back in stock.



This addon is easy to setup and get started. Just set it and forget it, it will handle everything automatically.

Key Features

Quit losing hundreds of customers because your product has a shipping delay or simply out of stock. Use on of the advanced methods that large companies use to keep sales driving forward.

Enable sitewide

The back in stock notifier addons allow you to switch between using it sitewide for all product or set just for specific products.


Easily customize your back in stock subscribe button.

Fully Customizable Email Template

Easily customize the email template to your liking using any woocommerce email template editor.

Native to WooCommerce

Having a native built addon allows you to extend the functions of the addon by using many WooCommerce plugins and ensures high compatibilty.

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