Frequently Asked Questions

Have a quick question about the WooCommerce Essentials plugin functionality or just need to know about it's features? Use the FAQ below to easily find an answer to all your inquiries.

General Inquiries

You will have to have the latest installed version of WordPress and WooCommerce running to install and activate the plugin..

No, WooCommerce Essentials is a coding-free plugin. It was built to operate without the need to use complicated coding and development.

No, this plugin will not slow down your website. If you are experiencing any issues using the plugin, feel free to contact us here directly.

Yes, we do. If you are not satisfied with the plugin within 30 days of use, you will receive a full refund.

Yes, you can. If would like to use the plugin on multiple sites, you must purchase a multi-site license. The standard license is for single site usage.

By running a plugin suite like WooCommerce Essentials, you can save hundreds of dollars each year because of it's competetive pricing. No need to maintain and update multiple plugins, licenses and compatibilty issues. Instead of mutliple registrations and fees, everything is compact and convenient.


No, there are no account registration requirements.

Yes, to run the plugin, you are rquired to have a valid license.

No, it is not permitted to share your license information with any this parties. Each standard license is bound to a domain. If you would like to use the plugin on multiple websites, take a look at our multi-site licensing.

Unfortunately not. Support requires you to provide a valid plugin license. General inquires, however; do not require you to have a license.

No, support can only be obtained by the original e-mail address attached to the license.

Pricing & License

You can find your license information within your purchase confirmation e-mail. If you have any trouble finding your license, feel free to contact us here.

Yes, however; you will no longer receive any updates or support for the plugin.

The standard license allows you to use the plugin on a single site. If you would like to use the plugin on multiple website or include it in a theme, you must purchase a multi-site license.

As of today, unfortunately, we do not.

No, we currently do not have any educational discounts. This may change in the future.